My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Sixty-Four

We had snow today! Off and on, not very deep and it is lingering for now. Fortunately, the roads remained clear while I was out getting groceries.

I’m planning to bake chocolate chip banana bread (as soon as bananas are ripe enough!) and to make my favorite pasta sauce again, this time with ground lamb and no pancetta. Bought a loaf of olive and rosemary bread to go with, yum! Perfect weather for tasty treats.

Nope, I didn’t create anything new today, either–and tomorrow is my LAST DAY for this challenge! Yay! I spent too much time online, got several new novels at the library–including some by authors I’m not familiar with–and bought a high-powered battery latern in case of more outages. More light is always welcome!

Here are 3 items I’ve made over the past few years; only the bottle remains. EnJoy!




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