My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Sixty-Three

The power went off yesterday about 2:30 pm–and did not come back until today around the same time! Apparently a big tree went down on a power line nearby, though Goddess knows why it took 24 hours to restore the power! So I missed posting yesterday. Ah, well.

Today I did my stretch routine and took a brisk walk; later I wanted to make something new, as I had sunlight and no internet to distract me. However, I could not settle on anything, and once the electricity was restored, I jumped online to catch up, then had to make dinner and prepare for my small Miracles Group call. That was lovely and will be a fun addition to YOM.

I love that WordPress has added a banner at the top of my site, inviting readers to pay for my annual plan, which is due for renewal now. I’m awaiting more funds anyhow, so if you’re inspired to gift me the payment of $48.00, feel free to click on the banner and donate! And be sure to shop for yourself and all your gift-giving here on my boutique!

Here is one of my earliest purses, probably made in 2016. I just love it and don’t want to sell the purse! EnJoy!


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