Graphic 45 2023 Brand Ambassador Audition

I am so excited to be auditioning once again for the role of Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador!

The first video is the main tutorial I have created as part of my audition. I hope you will enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed making the project!

The second is a little tea bag journal tutorial, using scraps of Graphic 45 “Princess” papers. EnJoy!



I can hardly wait for the results of the audition on April 27th! Thank you for watching.


My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Sixty-Five

I did it!! This is the last day of my 365 art challenge, and I’m amazed that I made it to the end! Whooppie for me!!!

What a journey and adventure this has been! In the beginning I was all fired up and busily creating something every day, or nearly so. Many projects took several days to complete, so I shared photos of them in progress. There were a few days on which I actually forgot to post, and many more than I’d planned or expected when I simply could not muster up the energy or the inspiration to create something new, or otherwise had too much else to do to create art.

This last year was another very challenging year, for both myself and for the whole world. I think we humans have all gone a bit mad! I know that isolating from one another, not socializing and hugging, and wearing masks has taken a huge toll, with dire results in some cases.  I am also tremendously grateful that nobody in my immediate family experienced the virus or died; I know many others were not so fortunate. I am relieved that I had my art to keep me sane, and I am fortunate to have a small handful of friends who were still available for socializing and hugs over the past two years, or I might not have made it through in one piece. Art is very therapeutic for sure!

What is next? I am going to take some time off from creating art and from blogging for a while, and focus on my major intentions for the year and on growing my businesses. I will still post here occasionally, just not daily. If you wish to be on my email list for upcoming events and sales, please fill out and submit this form. (I do not send emails very often, unless there is an event to alert you about! Maybe once a month otherwise.)

Overall, I believe I create about 241 new items –recall that some were spread over several days– and I’m very pleased with the results. I’ve created a gallery of some of my favorites here; you can see them larger on the days they were featured in posts. Please do visit my boutique and purchase some art for yourself and for gift-giving; I have absolutely no more room to store more stock! EnJoy!

My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Sixty-Four

We had snow today! Off and on, not very deep and it is lingering for now. Fortunately, the roads remained clear while I was out getting groceries.

I’m planning to bake chocolate chip banana bread (as soon as bananas are ripe enough!) and to make my favorite pasta sauce again, this time with ground lamb and no pancetta. Bought a loaf of olive and rosemary bread to go with, yum! Perfect weather for tasty treats.

Nope, I didn’t create anything new today, either–and tomorrow is my LAST DAY for this challenge! Yay! I spent too much time online, got several new novels at the library–including some by authors I’m not familiar with–and bought a high-powered battery latern in case of more outages. More light is always welcome!

Here are 3 items I’ve made over the past few years; only the bottle remains. EnJoy!




My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Sixty-Three

The power went off yesterday about 2:30 pm–and did not come back until today around the same time! Apparently a big tree went down on a power line nearby, though Goddess knows why it took 24 hours to restore the power! So I missed posting yesterday. Ah, well.

Today I did my stretch routine and took a brisk walk; later I wanted to make something new, as I had sunlight and no internet to distract me. However, I could not settle on anything, and once the electricity was restored, I jumped online to catch up, then had to make dinner and prepare for my small Miracles Group call. That was lovely and will be a fun addition to YOM.

I love that WordPress has added a banner at the top of my site, inviting readers to pay for my annual plan, which is due for renewal now. I’m awaiting more funds anyhow, so if you’re inspired to gift me the payment of $48.00, feel free to click on the banner and donate! And be sure to shop for yourself and all your gift-giving here on my boutique!

Here is one of my earliest purses, probably made in 2016. I just love it and don’t want to sell the purse! EnJoy!


My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Sixty-One

Today I got to join the Accelerated Program for Your Year of Miracles! Whoopppiiieeee! Doing a happy dance! I have signed up for my first private coaching session, as well. And this week I’ll be joining my small miracles group of students; we meet twice a month to encourage and support each other and share our miracle wins.

It was a balmy 50º when I went to the market–and the store was very crowded! Apparently we’ll be getting some snow between Tuesday and Friday, so many folks feel the need to stock up on food. We’ll see what the skies deliver.

I somehow did not get inspired to create something new today, and have decided to Not have a final celebration on Saturday the 25th. Great idea, however I’ve got way too much else on my plate right now and I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the thought of it. Anyhow, Friday is my last day of this year-long challenge, yay! I will at least post a summary of the year and photos of some of my favorites that were created on the journey.

Here is a sewing kit in a carboard tube that I made several years ago. EnJoy!


Multi-Color Tube Sewing Kit



My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred-Sixty

Today I was able to hang my laundry out in the sun, soo nice smelling when I bring it it! I did a lot of loafing and reading today, just taking it easy. Had a nice grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup for dinner; I wonder who dreamed up that combination? It’s a good one!

This evening I finished the pretty Parfumerie Journal that I started the other day, using papers from Stamperia. So lush! I love these colors a lot. EnJoy!




My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Fifty-Nine

Today I did more tidying and cleaning in preparation for a visit from a new friend. We talked for a while, took a walk in the neighborhood, and had an early dinner at a local Thai restaurant. It was a lovely time!

I did not make something new, and while I did sew the signature into my newest journal, I’ve not finished it so will have to wait to show more photos. Here is a sweet produce bag I sewed up a couple of years agao from a valance curtain. EnJoy!


Produce Bag

My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Fifty-Eight

Today I did not do anything very exciting; however, I did manage to start a new project this evening! These gorgeous papers are from Stamperia, and I wanted to use as much of each sheet as possible.

I started with a manila folder that I cut down to 6″ wide by 11.75″ tall, and cut and folded papers accordingly. I have not finished the journal, so I’m only showing you the front cover as a teaser. Probably won’t get to completion until Sunday, as tomorrow and Saturday are booked up. EnJoy!


Parfumerie Journal

My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Fifty-Seven

So interesting to me that I’ve not been making very much art this past week or so! Granted, I’ve been distracted by other things such as my birthday, Valentine’s day, my online classes and just frittering away time on FB….I guess I’m just focused on other areas of my life for a time. When this challenge is over, I plan to take a bit of time off from creating art!

Today was sunny and chilly, and now it’s very cold, going down to 29º F over night! brrrrr! Thank goodness for heat and hot water and ways to get cozy in my home with blankets and quilts and all.

Had my interview for and was accepted into the Year of Miracles Accelerated program! Now just awaiting the financial gift from my friend so I can register and get started with my coaching. Right after that call was our monthly group call with guest speaker Geneen Roth, author of When Food is Love and many other books. She was speaking about self-love and suggested that we really pay attention when faced with times when we don’t love ourselves and trace that back to beliefs we were taught as children. Excellent suggestion! done a lot of this kind of work with my hypnotherapy clients.

Here is a cute little felt bird I made years ago and gave to my Sufi dance teacher. EnJoy!


Red Felt Bird

My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Fifty-Six

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all had a miraculous day, as I did.

Wowie!! A new friend has offered to gift part of my tuition for the Accelerated level of Year of Miracles!!! Thank you Goddess! This will give me access to more benefits, including some one on one coaching to help boost my miracle year.
I have an interview for the program tomorrow.

I applied for a second credit card with Capital One–and got instant approval! Zero % APR for the first 9 months, so I’ll be sure to not spend on it after that, as the rate is very high. Now I can use that to pay for another podcast, or buy art supplies, or whatever my inner wisdom directs me to use this for! Thank you God!

Did a bit more tidying in the home, swept the breezeway between my gate and my front door, and trimmed my rose bush back so it will branch out more in spring. We got about 5 minutes of snow pellets! At first I thought it was hail but too soft; it also smelled like rain in the air but was white. Stopped and melted very quickly after that.

I didn’t make anything today, so here is an image of the space I created for the Altar Show a few years ago. EnJoy!

Sanctuary of the Peaceful Heart Altar