My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred-Seventy

I worked on my wellness website a bit more today, and modified my business card; I’ll be printing the cards and launching the new page soon!
Also I helped my new business partner get set up to be a rep for the Debt Shredder. Yay!

This afternoon I made a couple of booklets to go in the pockets of the collage journal I made the other day. EnJoy!


Two Gray Booklets

My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred Sixty-Nine

I got a second chiropractic adjustment today, and another massage this evening, thank you Goddess! I’m stepping up my self-care. Next month I intend to get 3 massages, and after that, one a week. What do you commit to doing for your own self-care?

This afternoon I finished another book page pocket, using some scraps of really fun paper. Had I planned a bit better, I would have glued the 3 pieces to plain paper before sewing them to the front part of the pocket, to form one continues small pocket. Instead, I have 3 tiny ones! I made a little booklet to go into the large pocket; I may decide to decorate the paper clip to hold the flap closed. EnJoy!



My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred Sixty-Eight

Today I made a tag for a challenge for a group I’m in, Grand Central Crafting. The monthly Collage of Dreams Challenge: Machines

Prompts were: map, stitching, stack, foreign language and a bonus prompt of glasses! I put the elements on both sides. I found a cool antique sewing machine image online to use, and had some puffy stickers and papers in my stash for the other elements. The black butterfly image is glued to the back side of a flat-back clear marble; I glued that on top of a mother-of-pearl disk. EnJoy!


My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred Sixty-Seven

Almost forgot to post again! I had a very full day, no time to create art, though I did bake cookies this evening, as it’s the coolest night this week!

Some years ago I belonged to a cloth doll club in Santa Cruz, CA, and one of the challenges we had was to make a paddle doll, using a wooden spoon or paddle for the body and head. I used a piece of driftwood, and this is what I came up with. Her name is Zaina, and she has twig arms. EnJoy!


My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred Sixty-Six

Another day in which I did not create anything new! I did some errands and worked a bit on my business, and this evening met with my Artists of Toastmasters group online.  Wrote in my journal this morning and took a walk this evening, and the day still flew by! Ah, well.

Here is a cute little trinket box I made last year, using an empty brie cheese box as the base and lid; I built up the sides with paper. EnJoy!



My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred Sixty-Five

Today I glued together several avocado pits that I had peeled and dried; they do want to split when dry. Some I have carved, others are just plain. I shall see what I dream up to use them for!

I did finish the bag I began yesterday, as well. Here it is, glued at the sides and with a nice button and embroidery floss closure. I love it! EnJoy!


Paper.Fabric Purse Brown Stripes Finished

My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred Sixty-Four

I forgot to make a post yesterday! Oops. After my massage last evening, I just relaxed for a while, and then it was time for sleep.

Blessedly, it was much cooler today than it’s been, and will remain in the 80s for this week. Phew!

I made this nice pouch/purse from a paper bag covered with some upholstery fabric, and lined with a piece of silk. I haven’t sewn up the sides and need to add a button to fasten; I’ll do that tomorrow. EnJoy these photos of the bag in progress!

My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred Sixty-One

Today I took my car to the shop for new brake light bulbs, and got to talking to an older gentleman who was sitting outside. He calls himself the Duke of Pearl: he sources and sells mother-of-pearl and abalone inlay material for banjos and other instruments! He used to build banjos, too, and plays bluegrass with a band. I grew up listening to bluegrass, which my older brother and a couple of my sisters also played. Neat!

Today I spent hours working on designing a logo with Vistaprint’s new logo-maker service. I also made this little mug mat with the leftover scrap from making one of the pouches yesterday. EnJoy!


Green Fern Mug Mat

My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred-Sixty

In just about 3 weeks, I’ll be half-way through this year-long challenge! Good for me!

Today i was quite productive, for a change. I was inspired by Pam of The Paper Outpost to make some pouches from paper bags covered with fabric. Yesterday I made the plaid silk one; the fabric got rather wrinkled in the process, and did not come out evenly aligned. Thankfully I fixed that with an added trim! Today I made 2 other pouches from different-sized bags that are a bit sturdier than the first one I used. Easy and quick to make!

The  bags are very strong and won’t rip. They have a gusset at the bottom and can hold paper scraps from one’s project, greeting cards, a small journal, or anything else you need to store. Great for gift-giving! EnJoy!