My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Seventy-Six

Today’s creation was food again! I made some delicious Swedish Rosette Cookies, which are actually deep fried like donuts. A friend gave me a rosette iron and handle, and I found a recipe online. Pretty intriguing to make! They are SO good, I could eat them all up at once! However, my tummy is not keen on lots of fried foods, so I stopped before I ate too many. Dusted with powdered sugar, they are divine!

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My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Seventy-Five

Today I received my stocking from the person I swapped with, oh joy! Here are pix of the stocking and contents. Lots of goodies to create new things with! In fact, I decided to make this sweet tag (last photo) with some fancy paper I had, and used a card and some of the stickers that my partner sent to me, in the pocket. Soooo pretty! The back of the tag is plain, with space for writing or drawing as desired. EnJoy!

My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Seventy-Four

Today’s creations: I feasted on roasted turkey breast, mashed potatoes with gravy, mashed yams, broccoli, cranberry sauce, black mulberry juice, and a slab of tart-cherry pie with whipped cream. Divine Delishness!!! What did you feast on?


Sold another wall calendar today, hurray! This is the last week to order your calendar for the special price; it goes up on December 1st, so order today! You can choose glossy or matt finish. EnJoy!


My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Seventy-Three

I sold two art pieces (pictured below) and one of my wall calendars today, wahoooo! This cheered me up considerably, and allowed me to buy some special treats for my Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. So grateful!

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Happy Thanksgiving! What 5 things are you most grateful for today? Tell us in the comments.

My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Seventy-Two

I met with my coach and a potential customer for the Financial GPS today; we had some technical difficulties but finally got it together. Almost got the sale! My customer needs a little more time to consider, so hopefully by early next week we can close the deal. Yesssss!

I took a brisk walk this afternoon, then roasted up a butternut squash and some yams for my dinner. Also cooked up more yams in nothing but butter and cream (stove top), then mashed them for Thursday. Very tasty!

I kept trying to come up with something to create today; alas, I felt very distracted and could not settle on anything, so I’m letting it go. Here is a beautiful silk bag I made some years ago, with silk fabrics from FabMo. Isn’t it gorgeous? EnJoy!

My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Seventy-One

Made another venison stew today, and finished drafting a pamphlet on wildlife in Geyserville area for a client. I also sent out an email to my Fiber Fancies mailing list. Time to shop now for the holidays!!

This evening I met on zoom with my artist group, and made this little notebook from scraps while we chatted about music and how it influenced our lives and our art. EnJoy!

My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred-Seventy

Today I went to another event, the Banner Mountain Artisans annual show, with a good friend. It’s a huge show and had a lot of wonderful artists there! I’m definitely going to apply next year for this juried show.

This evening I made a sweet little journal from a pretty, recycled birthday card and envelope, thanks to inspiration from Natasa of Treasure Books. I used the front of another envelope in a similar color family for the front of the card that fits into the envelope pocket. A flap from yet another envelope provides the tuck spot on the back cover, with a writing card added. EnJoy!


My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Sixty-Nine

Today I went to the Farmer’s Market for some produce, then after lunch I attending the opening of the latest show at Seven Stars Gallery here in Nevada City. It was a nice show, including paintings and cards by one of my dear artist friends, and I met some interesting people. There may be an opportunity for me to be in a show there in future!

I love paper bags; something about them just invites creating something new. I save my paper grocery bags to put trash into, though if one gets torn, I make it into something else. Smaller bags get saved for other projects, such as the paper and silk clutch purses I’ve made, small gift bags and paper and fabric pouches that I’ve shared in previous posts.

This evening I took a very small paper bag and turned it into this cute little journal! The wreath images were cut from a flyer that landed in my mail box from a local wreath maker, and I used other paper and fabric scraps from my stash to decorate. There are several pockets in the journal, to which I added the little sewn pages and the cards that are featured in the last photo. The journal is held closed with a braid of raffia strands. EnJoy!

My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Sixty-Eight

What a day! I had to go to my dentist’s office first thing to get Another impression made of lower teeth, so the lab can make a partial denture to fit; apparently the first two impressions were not sufficient! Ack!

Got a few groceries and came home to have lunch, then met with my coach and my business prospect for the Financial GPS. Not a tool that she needs, however, we showed her some videos in case she can make referrals. While on that zoom call, another friend stopped by with some gifts of fancy ribbon and gorgeous wrapping paper with Vintage ephemera images on it! I can hardly wait to make something with it!

Then I had another business call relating to Rising Worldwide (I’m a rep for them), and that person fell in love with my art and wants to purchase some for family Christmas gifts! Yay! Oh, and I received a gift in the mail from yet another friend, a rosette iron and handle for making rosette donuts! I’ll have to try those out in the near future.

I’m pretty tuckered out this evening (was up way too late last night),and cannot must the energy to create something new, so I’ll share something older again. This is a cute bag I made from a valance curtain that someone gave me. The drawstring is a cord that I had hanging about for ages. EnJoy!


Sunflower Bag

My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Sixty-Seven

Today I did another intake call with a client for the Financial GPS that I sell, and have scheduled our follow up call with my coach for next Tuesday. Yay!

I made two tiny needle cushions this evening, one inside an acorn cap, and one inside a half walnut shell. One more way to upcycle fabric scraps, using nature elements this time!  I like keeping my sewing needles separate from pins, so that any thread in the needles does not get tangled up with pins. Do you sew? You might love to have a needle cushion or one of my many pincushions – or both.

PS Remember to purchase your wall calendar now, before the price goes up in December! EnJoy!