My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Forty-Nine

Today I got on a small group coaching call for my Year of Miracles program, and got some support around feeling a lack of unconditional support from others in my life. I realized that that has to be something I can give to myself first. Healing!

I got a lovely massage this evening, an early birthday present to myself. Much needed and much appreciated! I could use one every week for sure!

I got home and ate dinner very late, and now I’m ready for sleep. So again, no new creations. Living in gratitude! Here is a pretty little folio I made and sold a couple of years ago. EnJoy!


Love Notes Mini Folio

My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Forty-Eight

Today I went to get some cash out for my birthday on Friday, yay! Then got some groceries and talked with a few merchants about possible sponsorship for my ongoing podcasts. I will follow up about this tomorrow.

Did not make anything new today, the day was too full of other things and just whizzed by. Here is a pretty little purse I made several years ago; enJoy!



Navy Purse

My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Forty-Seven

Today I tried on a couple of my gowns as potential garb for my birthday party. Unfortunately, most of the fancier dresses I have are short sleeved or sleevless and not very warm! I’m probably going to wear a velvet skirt with layers under it and several layers of blouses on top! 😀

I spent time working on a brochure for the doll making business of my friend in Uganda, as I’ll be speaking about this at the Co-Creation Salon on the 21st and want some literature to hand out–if I can afford to have some printed! Perhaps I can get contributions for that in advance.

This evening I made 4 more place cards for my party on the 10th. EnJoy!


Four More Hearts

My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Forty-Six

A couple of minor miracles today: I went thrift shopping as it’s half-price day, and found a pair of dark blue cotton/spandex sweats at one store, to replace the pair I have that’s falling apart. For just $3.26! At another store, I found a pair of purple snow pants to wear when I walk in the rain (or snow) and keep my legs warm and dry! Paid just $10.85 for those. Yay! Just in time, too, as we’re having more rain now.

I have run out of steam now, so no new creations this evening. Perhaps tomorrow. Meantime, here is a box I revamped a few years ago (now sold) with gorgeous Ocean Blues paper from Graphic 45. EnJoy!

My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Forty-Five

Today I had a long call with my business coach, gaining some understanding of student loan Income Based Repayment plan. Pretty bad news! If one pays loans with this program for 10 or 25 years, at the end of that time one can apply for and receive a loan forgiveness; however, this debt forgivenes is then reported as Taxable income–on money that was never earned! Yikes! Stay away from this type of repayment plan!

On another note, I went to town for a few groceries and sundries, and had a little left over to purchase these four gorgeous papers from the Stamperia Rose Parfume collection. Yummy!  I’ve shown the fronts and backs of each pair of papers. Now I must dream up something to create with them. EnJoy!


My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Forty-Four

Today I had to call the power company to get my account straightened out; they had not credited me for the last payment I made, even though the check was stamped as received. Thankfully that will be fixed!

Got a late afternoon walk in, mended some tears my sweat pants (I need new ones!), and talked with a good friend, who suggested I might sew up something quick for my daily project, which I did.

The corners came out rather funky on this little pincushion (roughly 3″ square), but I didn’t feel like taking it apart after stuffing it to fix them. So, here it is in all its misshapen form. EnJoy!

Purple Gingham Pincushion

My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Forty-Three

I had a miraculous interview with Steve Harper on Meet the Elite podcast today; it flowed nicely and was a lot of fun! I now intend to be a regular guest on his show, all expenses paid, Divinely resourced! I intend to draw in 25 new customers this month of February, as a result of today’s show and beyond. Thank you Goddess. I will post the link for the replay as soon as I receive that.

Right after the show I went to my local chiropractor, then on to a couple of stores for drinking water and groceries. Had an almond butter and honey sandwich when I got home, then hopped on the Year of Miracles Mentoring call, all about falling in love with ourselves. Powerful!

I got an email from the leader of a local Co-Creation Salon, inviting me to be one of the speakers on the 21st! I will present about a friend of mine who lives in Uganda and has a business making dolls and other art; she also teaches other women to start their own businesses and thrive. Miracles abound!

Cooked up some venison steaks with mushrooms for dinner, and ate one along with half of a baked yam and some peas. Divine! Now it’s 9:30 pm and I’m feeling done for the evening. Time to relax and unwind with my journal and my novel before sleep. Here is another of my lovely paper purses, made a few years ago. EnJoy!


Lisette Tote Orange Floral (Sold)

My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Forty-Two

Feeling in a funky mood today, so things did not go as planned. However, I got a little cleaning and sorting (ie papers) done, renewed my driver’s license online, completed some paperwork that I needed to handle, and had a long phone conversation for a client for whom I designed and edited two brochures. We got the refining done while on the phone, just one more thing to fix when she sends me next text tomorrow and then these projects are done! No new art, though, just this canvas I created with a photo of a flower arrangement I made. Go here to order this or any other product:

It was warm enough out to melt most of the snow/ice today, except in the most shady places, so it was easier going on my walk. Now to wash my dishes, write in my journal and prepare for sleep. I’m looking forward to my podcast tomorrow! In case you missed the prior post, here is the link to listen live; I encourage you to tune in a few minutes early. It starts at 1 pm PST, 4 pm EST. EnJoy!


Floral Arrangement Canvas

My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Forty-One

I was gifted a 30-minute interview on Meet the Elite Podcast, from a friend who gave me her slot for my birthday! Woo-hoo! I will be on air at 1:00 pm PST, 4:00 pm EST  on Wednesday Feb. 1st. Join here for the live show, if you can! If you miss it, I will post a link to the replay by the end of the week. I will be talking about my wellness business, with focus on the Financial GPS I offer to help others create healthy finances.

Today my coach and I showed the Financial GPS to a local mortgage broker; she has some clients she could potentially refer to me! We will meet again the week of Feb. 20th. Yay!

It was still really cold today and a bit icy under foot in places where I was walking. It was refreshing to get outdoors anyway! Because I spent a lot of time writing my questions and answers for the host of the podcast and talking with a couple of friends, I didn’t get much else accomplished.

Here is a beautiful paper fan purse I designed and created a few years ago. EnJoy!


My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred-Forty

Just 25 more days to this year-long challenge! Woo-hooo! I’ll be holding an after-party on the 25th of February, so save the date and plan to tune in! Details will follow soon.

Today we had rain, hail, snow and more rain!  I finished baking cookies, did the rest of my laundry, talked with a friend and spent way too much time on the internet! hahahahaha! Needless to say, I did not create any new art; the cookies were it for me.

Reminder: Go to my boutique here to make a purchase of at least $134.00, and receive this lovely tote bag as a free gift! Offer ends at midnight PST on January 31st!

Fiber Fancies Large Tote Bag