My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Sixty-Five

I did it!! This is the last day of my 365 art challenge, and I’m amazed that I made it to the end! Whooppie for me!!!

What a journey and adventure this has been! In the beginning I was all fired up and busily creating something every day, or nearly so. Many projects took several days to complete, so I shared photos of them in progress. There were a few days on which I actually forgot to post, and many more than I’d planned or expected when I simply could not muster up the energy or the inspiration to create something new, or otherwise had too much else to do to create art.

This last year was another very challenging year, for both myself and for the whole world. I think we humans have all gone a bit mad! I know that isolating from one another, not socializing and hugging, and wearing masks has taken a huge toll, with dire results in some cases.  I am also tremendously grateful that nobody in my immediate family experienced the virus or died; I know many others were not so fortunate. I am relieved that I had my art to keep me sane, and I am fortunate to have a small handful of friends who were still available for socializing and hugs over the past two years, or I might not have made it through in one piece. Art is very therapeutic for sure!

What is next? I am going to take some time off from creating art and from blogging for a while, and focus on my major intentions for the year and on growing my businesses. I will still post here occasionally, just not daily. If you wish to be on my email list for upcoming events and sales, please fill out and submit this form. (I do not send emails very often, unless there is an event to alert you about! Maybe once a month otherwise.)

Overall, I believe I create about 241 new items –recall that some were spread over several days– and I’m very pleased with the results. I’ve created a gallery of some of my favorites here; you can see them larger on the days they were featured in posts. Please do visit my boutique and purchase some art for yourself and for gift-giving; I have absolutely no more room to store more stock! EnJoy!

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