Some of my creations from over the years. Please ask which pieces are still available; many have been sold. Enjoy!

Welcome to Fiber Fancies!

Home of Quadira’s Fairy Purses,
Goddess Boxes, & Magical Treasures

Fiber Fancies Boutique
My Art Channel

Supporting the Prosperity of Global Women Artisans

Please note: Nearly everything is One-of-a-Kind, so please ask
if the product you want or something similar is available. I
specialize in recycling cardboard into my journals and albums, as
well as using glass jars & bottles, old jewelry, buttons, beads, & nature
items to create my magical treasures. I use acid-free materials whenever possible.

Go to this link to place your order.
If you round up your purchase to the nearest dollar, the proceeds will be donated to Rising Worldwide, my favorite non-profit. Rising purchases crafts made by women in super-impoverished countries and sells those crafts here in the US, allowing women to rise out of poverty so they can flourish. I also support Rapha African Dolls in Uganda. Go to this link to donate to the cause. Thank you!

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