My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Sixty-One

Today I got to join the Accelerated Program for Your Year of Miracles! Whoopppiiieeee! Doing a happy dance! I have signed up for my first private coaching session, as well. And this week I’ll be joining my small miracles group of students; we meet twice a month to encourage and support each other and share our miracle wins.

It was a balmy 50º when I went to the market–and the store was very crowded! Apparently we’ll be getting some snow between Tuesday and Friday, so many folks feel the need to stock up on food. We’ll see what the skies deliver.

I somehow did not get inspired to create something new today, and have decided to Not have a final celebration on Saturday the 25th. Great idea, however I’ve got way too much else on my plate right now and I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the thought of it. Anyhow, Friday is my last day of this year-long challenge, yay! I will at least post a summary of the year and photos of some of my favorites that were created on the journey.

Here is a sewing kit in a carboard tube that I made several years ago. EnJoy!


Multi-Color Tube Sewing Kit



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