My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred-Thirteen

I attended a Miracles Masterclass with Marci Shimoff and Sue Morter today, all about how to start living in the Miracle Zone. I’m now reconsidering joining their program, Your Year of Miracles (YOM), which I did 3 years in a row, without much success. Yet now I feel I’m in a different place and could really use the support to focus on manifesting my life/love partner! I’m intending that he finds me, and that we meet soon enough that he will join my birthday celebration in February!

Spent too much time getting some tech issues resolved with PayPal, and not much else was accomplished! I did take a walk in the wet snow and my jeans got soaked again (note to self: put that raincoat over the parka anyhow!), so I only took the shorter route on my walk. Also wasted time creating a dating profile on Zoosk; the free version allows me to see guys but not read or reply to their messages! And I don’t have the budget to upgrade right now. Sheesh!

Good news: one of my nieces and her beau just got engaged! Woo-hooo! Very exciting. He is a lovely young man and we are all glad to welcome him to our family. Me next! I call my divine love partner in and allow Him to find Me, to show up on my doorstep, as it were. And so it is.

I did not get anything new made today, much as I imagined I might. So here is a lovely paper tote I made a couple of years ago and showed in the Open Studios Tour. It has since been sold. EnJoy!

Ginger Tote Earth Laughs