My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred-Fourteen

I got up early this morning and went to my dentist; the partial denture I ordered Finally was ready to be fitted! I spent about an hour there, while the dentist and her assistant filed down places that rubbed on the gums and polished it smooth. When I got home, I put the device in so I could chew my lunch on that side; disaster! Food got caught between gum and retainer and was irritating, plus it felt as though I was chewing on the part that goes around the inside of my gums, even though that was not so. Arrrgh! I will try it again tomorrow, but don’t have much hope. The reason I got the dang thing is to ease my chewing, and if that does not work, it’s a waste. And I don’t want metal posts in my jaw for attaching permanent false teeth. No fun.

This evening I made a little stacked pocket, inspired by Pam of the Paper Outpost. I used up a few scraps, and filled the pockets with recycled business cards that I had decorated previously. One could put anything in the pockets! It could go inside a journal or just stand alone. EnJoy!