My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred-Twelve

The first day of the new year. I never imagined being alive in 2023 when I was young! Never thought that far ahead. I pray that this is the best year yet! My wish for you is that you always walk in sunshine, no matter the weather. May your heart be filled with peace, love, joy, and serenity. May you be prosperous, healthy, happy and well. May we wise up and walk in dignity, so our Mother Earth recovers and continues to support human life. May we treat one another with kindness, compassion, and deep respect. May peace reign on earth, now and forever more. And so it is!

Here is what I made from this funny little tri-fold of cardboard with a circle cut from the center part; I think it was originally a support to go around a bottle of lotion or something, in an empty box someone gave me. Now it’s a little folio with blank pages inside to write or draw or add some photos to. EnJoy!