My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred-Four

‘Twas the night before Christmas –and all through the house I’m surrounded by beautfiul art that I and others have created! Although I had planned to make something new to share, I simply don’t have it in me today. I’m not feeling especially cheery; being alone yet again for this favorite holiday just feels sad to me.I miss family, miss having someone special to celebrate with. I know there are others who also feel this way, so I send hugs and love.

I did make pie dough for my mince and cherry pie, cranberry sauce with apple, lemon and orange, and mashed potatoes, all in preparation for tomorrow. I also went to a local store for green beans, as I forgot to purchase any the last couple of times I went to town, but since the lines were all long and customers had full shopping carts, I gave up and left. Across the street at a natural foods store I got some broccoli, which while delicious, is not quite satisfactory when one wants green beans! Ah, well.

Here is a lovely envelope folio I made earlier this year, perfect for today. EnJoy!



2 thoughts on “My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred-Four

  1. Seasons Greetings, Quadira!
    Thank you for being an inspiration with your daily posts and wonderful creations throughout this challenging year. Even though I haven’t been able to visit your site and post comments or purchase your creations As much as I would have liked to, please know I have not forgotten about you! You are an amazing human!

    Very Appreciatively,
    P.S. I am missing a lot this day too – including green beans! Thanks for sharing so much about yourself today and throughout the whole year – both the big things and the little things!


    • Thank you so much, Lisa! I’m glad to hear that you feel inspired by my posts and creations; it’s good to know. Sending much love and light for this holiday season! I appreciate your commments when you do make them, thanks for taking the time to write when you can. Hugs!


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