My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred-Three

Today was very mild, temperature-wise, and even a bit of sun peeking out from cloud cover. I got to hang laundry out to semi-dry and pick up the fresh air, and took a good walk. Oh, and I got invited by someone with Meet the Elite Podcast to speak on a five-minute segment on Wednesday the 28th! I will post details for how to listen as soon as I get that information. Save the date! It will be at 1:39 pm PST, 4:39 EST.

I made two little ornaments this evening, weaving yarn around the ring from a pull tab for the smaller one, and creating a spide web around the ring that seals the lid to a bottle of juice. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing when I started the larger ornament, so the spokes of the web are not as evenly spaced as I’d like. It would have been better had I made the buttonhole sttch all the way around the ring, then gone back to create the spokes, rather than going back and forth and ending up with double yarn on a few of the spokes. Ah, well, play and learn!