My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred-Five

Good Christmas Day! I had a phone call from one lovely sister and a zoom call with another; everyone else was too busy to join. Ah, well.

Took a walk while my turkey was cooking, and visited a neighbor for a little while before eating. It was about 64º out!

Also talked with a couple of friends and opened gifts. I received a gorgeous marino wool sweater, a lovely wall calendar, a set of blue flannel sheets, 2 boxes of soy-wax candles in white and red, and a pair of lace-up boots from LL Bean. Delightful!

My turkey was accidentally overcooked! I’d estimated 4 hours but when I (luckily) stuck the meat thermometer in after 3 hours, it was already over done. I served it with browned mashed potatoes (cooked yesterday), a small piece of yam, cranberry sauce, broccoli and gravy. Also had mince and cherry pie for dessert with plenty of whipped cream, my holiday splurge. YUM!  Now it’s time to read for a bit before bed. Sweet Dreams!