My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Ninety-Nine

Today I woke up with a splitting headache and felt very tired. A good neighbor helped me take the extra leaf out of my dining table and carried a chair to my garage for me, then loaned me her massager, which I used on neck, head, shoulders and spine. It has an intense vibration! and felt good to use, too. I still did not feel up to doing much today.

This evening, during my artists meeting, I did, however, create this tote–not quite finished–by opening out a paper gift bag and covering it with some beautfiul home decor fabric. I love paisley! I still need to trim the opening to hide the fraying edges and cover up the seam on one side of the bag, then I’ll embellish.

Next time I’ll use a lighter fabric; this was hard to adhere and I used up my e6000 glue getting it to stick. Plus I mistakenly covered the bottom of the bag with fabric, then had to pull it apart there and trim so that I could fold the bag bottom in again; it was too thick with the fabric on the bottom. It’s a good learning experience. EnJoy!

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