My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Ninety-Eight

I finished my laundry and did some stretches, then spent the rest of the day preparing for my party! I made a tasty shrimp and coconut dish with fennel and celery, using a recipe from Green Chef, and my guests brought Jasmine rice, green beans, and butternut squash that was marinated in smoked vinegar before roasting. Yum! For dessert I had a tray with the jar of peppermint sticks, a bowl of almond biscotti and one of my fabric bowls with mixed nuts in their shells.

The company was delightful; the four of us are all artists with various levels of selling experience, and conversation wove around the challenges of selling today vs selling many years ago, and the pros and cons of doing shows. It is a lot of work

Now I’ve put away laundry and washed my dishes and am ready for bed! No more creations today. Oops, I did forget to have anyone take photos, even though I had planned to designate one guest to that task. Oh, well, I’ll ask someone else to take pix of my tree and wreath. Here is one of my dolls on a pillow; enJoy!  Good night!

Moon Maiden Pillow

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