My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred 

Wowieeee! I made it to 300 days on this journey, just 65 left to go! I can do it!

I started my morning with a business call with my coach and a customer for the Debt Shredder, only we had some technical issues and had to delay closing the sale.

Late this afternoon I went out for a few extra groceries–and ended up with a 5-lb bag of Satsuma tangerines, a 5-lb bag of russet potatoes (the bags were more economical than buying loose by the pound), and probably more flour than I need for my Christmas almond wreath and mince and cherry pie. Ah, well, better too much than too little, I can always freeze the excess flour. I’ll need to eat lots of tangerines and potatoes every day!

This evening I finished the upper edge of the tote I made yesterday, first zig-zag stitching the raw edges with my machine, then sewing on the lace by hand. I overlapped the finished top edge of the lace to cover up the edges of bag and fabric. Tomorrow I’ll cover the side seam and perhaps add a lace flower. EnJoy!


Blue Paisley Tote 4

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