My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Ninety-Seven

What did I DO today? Oh, yeah: I put up a new clothesline and hung laundry out, as it was sunny and cold. Love that fresh air smell on my clothes! I also wrote a Christmas card for my new pen pal, made a little table-top arrangement, and hauled out some extra bowls and serving dishes for my party tomorrow evening. I prepared bowl of almond biscotti and a jar of peppermint sticks for dessert, adding red paper and a bow to the lid.

Later I tidied things up after decorating, posted some items I’m giving away, and had a short call with a friend who moved a couple of hours away and whom I miss a dearly! She was helpful in giving insight when I brought up a challenging situation. So grateful for good friends, for my Christmas tree, for yummy food and nourishing music. What are you grateful for?

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