My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Twenty-Four

Today we had More rain! My patio has poor drainage and puddles were building up, so I donned some rain gear and went out to see what I could do. I dug a couple of tiny ditches for the water to drain under the fence, then used a small pushbroom to move the water off the patio. Eventually gave it up as a lost cause! The downside is, I now have a pulled muscle right above my left leg and sore muscles around the lower ribs on that side. OUCH!

Made several phone calls to catch up with friends, and spent too much time on the internet Again. WHERE does the time go? I am resigned to not making something new today–again. Yes, this is a fallow time of year, the time to plant seeds and let them germinate before expecting growth with Spring. So I can relax into this moment of fallowness. Tomorrow is another opportunity to create something magical!|

A few years ago I finally taught myself to crochet by watching a good tutorial video, and made this sampler with bauble stitch. EnJoy!


Bauble Crochet Stitch