My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Twenty-Three

I managed to get up earlier today, got my stretching and other routines done in a more timely way. Progress!

This afternoon my coach and I met with a friend who is a career coach and knows a lot of people; we showed him the Financial GPS and told him what kind of clients would be a good fit for him to refer. Always good to spread the word!

I got in a quick walk and rinsed and filled the water saucers for birds and squirrels; we even had some sunshine today! Then I got on another zoom call with my new friend; we agreed to meet for lunch at a Thai restaurant in Truckee, about an hour from where I live, on the 20th. I’m visualizing good weather and clear roads by then; currently there is snow on the mountain I’ll be crossing.

Got my new weekly planner in the mail, yay! Also I received this lovely MDC that I won last Sunday, so pretty! The creator sent me some extra goodies to play with, too. I did not create anything new today, so you get to view someone else’s art. EnJoy!