My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Ninety-Two

Today I bought a Christmas tree! I was wishing for one to show up on my doorstep, or if I had to buy one, it would cost $20.00. Sure enough, the Tractor Supply a couple of miles down the road from me had trees for sale– for $20.00!  Not quite on my doorstep but very close. I got a small Douglas Fir, maybe 6′ tall, very full and bushy and lovely. Oooh, the fragrance of fresh fir, so divine!

I moved my sewing machine into my bedroom so the tree could go in its usual space, then vacuumed the floor and wall and shelf above the tree. I hung my backdrop of a sheer embroidered cloth on the wall to enhance the tree, then finally brought it indoors to set up. Unfortunately, the tree is heavy and so full of lower branches that I could not get it positioned correctly in the stand by myself; it was leaning heavily to one side when I tried! Finally laid the tree on the floor, propped up the trunk end and positioned the stand over the trunk. It’s still rather cockeyed, however, it works. I added lights and called it done for the night. My body is not feeling so great with all the lifting and kneeling I did! Ah, well, that’s the price.

I’ll share photos when the tree is decorated. Meanwhile, here is an image of my very tall tree from last year, just for fun. EnJoy!

2021 Tree