My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Ninety-One

We had some snow today! So pretty when it was falling. Mostly gone now though; I’m grateful for the moisture!

I have been feeling sorrow over the loss/ending of yet another close friendship, for reasons unknown and unstated, plus feeling the loneliness of not having family nearby to share Christmas with–yet again. I’ve invited some friends for a little gathering next Sunday, and hope to have my tree by then. Part of me really wants a lovely big tree, part of me doesn’t want to go out to cut one or be bothered with decorating it. Sure would help to have someone to share preparations and celebrate with!

How about you? Are you approaching this holiday season with excitement or uncertainty? Eagerness or dread? I do hope that wherever you are and however you celebrate, you will be with loved ones and not all alone. Let us all remember that we’re never truly alone, for our spiritual guides and masters and angels are with us always.

Sending much love and light to the world, and hugs to those in need of comfort today.      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Tiny Joy Journal

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