My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Thirty-Seven

Another full day today! I spoke with someone at Method Homes – they build modular homes – and got a lot of questions answered about contstruction, cost, green materials, and so forth. I’m gathering information about how I could own my own home, though I’ll need a lot more income first!

This evening I went to a CoCreation Salon, organized and hosted by my friend Susan Davis. The topic of discussion was “Multi-Media Collaboration” and the guest speakers included a husband and wife team who have made loads of short documentary films, and their daughter in law who painted a big mural in one of our local theater buildings–which project also got made into a documentary.

The other two guests were a writer and an artist/graphic designer – both also activists –  who collaborated on a children’s book about an old tree that was ruthlessly cut down by out local utility company, despite protests and people sitting in the tree to prevent its destruction, to no avail. They told how there were 300 trees cut down in one area of town, and that the power company and its lawyers did not listen to the residents. Horrors! We are losing too much oxygen with all the trees that have been and are being cut down here! Very sad indeed.

Anyway. I did not make something new today, so here is a lovely fan purse that I made years ago. EnJoy

Elegance Fan Purse Gilded Lily