My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Thirty-Six

Today I took an old, non-functioning printer to Staples and received a $10 reward on my rewards card! However, since I was not able to spend $30 today to be able to use that $10 (always a catch!), I gifted it to a gentleman at the cash register as I was leaving. So glad to have that printer out of my garage, finally!

I also gave a slew of PVC pipes back to a friend who had bought some/given me some years ago to make a booth for my altar at the local annual Altar Show. More stuff moved out! I hung up my extra chairs on the hooks that had held the pipes on the garage wall, giving me easier access to a storage cupboard out there. Progress!

Here is a cute little “burrito pocket” made from a recycled book page. I got this idea from Pam at The Paper Outpost. The pocket can be glued into a journal to hold other things than what I have in here at present. EnJoy!