My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred Fifty-One

Oh, dear, I completely forgot to make a post last night! I created a new tag and took photos, then got distracted and forgot about posting until I’d shut the computer down. I intended to turn it back on to make the post, forgot again. Oh, well, here I am now.

Today I had a zoom call with a couple of my sisters and was saying how challenging it’s been recently, not feeling like making anything new even when I have plenty of time and daylight. I woke up from a dream about making myself some mittens and got out the sleeves I’d cut off a felted wool sweater to transform them into mittens. Unfortunately, the fabric had worn through at the elbows on the sweater, so the mittens would not have been thick enough. So I read my book for a while.

During the zoom call, one sister encouraged me to remember that this may just be a fallow time, and allow it to be OK that I’m not creating something new every day. Then I showed my sister some button doll pins I’d made ages ago, and suddenly got inspired to make another one! So here is my first Bottlecap Babe, a lovely pin doll that I’ve named Cara. I messed up the lines a bit when drawing her mouth, so her hair is arranged to minimize the errors. EnJoy!

Bottlecap Babe “Cara”