My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred Forty-Nine

Today I did some mending! I had to open and hem the under-arm seams on a blouse so I could wear it, and then I mended a favorite skirt that had tears near the waistband.

First, I sewed a piece of cotton scrap to the inside, behind the tears, and hemmed the edges of the scrap. I still needed to cover up the stitches on the outside (I’m not a fan of visible mending!), so I added this ribbon rose, turning under the edges of the netting that the rose is stitched to as I went. Then I took many other stitches around the rose to be sure it’s secure. All done by hand.
I wanted to hold the skirt closer to my camera, but every time I tried that, the stupid computer decided that it should show yellow light, not at all what I wanted! Grrr. Anyhow, here is the mended skirt. EnJoy!

Rose on Skirt