My Year of Wild Art: Day Seventy-Three

I spent time today researching insurance to cover my art and liability if I rent the artist space I mentioned, talking to two artist siblings about their experience with galleries and listening to their input. I feel really excited about renting my own booth at the Marketplace and filling it up with my art! I have longed for a shop to sell in for ages; this is a low-risk, low investment opportunity and I’m going to jump in!

My plan is to pay the deposit and first three months rent (that is the initial contract) up front; then I won’t fret over making enough sales to cover rent as I’m starting up the boutique. How would you love to help me meet that goal? You could purchase some art from my online boutique, buy me a chocolate bar (make a donation) on my YouTube channel, or just be my sponsor!

My creation for this evening: I decorated another little paper bag that I made from a larger bag a few days ago. Christmas in May! Enjoy!

Kitty Christmas Bag