My Year of Wild Art: Day Seventy-Two

Today I could not get inspired to create something, other than baking some chocolate chip cookies! I did, however, organize the huge jumble of cardboard boxes in my garage, breaking most down and even putting some in the recycle bin. Much tidier there now! As I was breaking down the insulated lining for a box that food came in, this piece tore off and I decided it will make a cool base for one of my collages. Perhaps I’ll create with it tomorrow.

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Honeycomb Cardboard


2 thoughts on “My Year of Wild Art: Day Seventy-Two

  1. I admire your daily commitment to create your art. Attempting this for a year is even more impressive! I try for daily practice but it seems that life’s obligations and responsibilities usually take precedence. Keep up the good work. Your are inspiring others!


    • Thanks very much, Karen! I’m glad to hear that I inspire you. (I thought I had replied to your comment when you posted, sorry it did not get posted!) On we go!


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