My Year of Wild Art: Day Twenty-Three

When I told family that I was planning on this challenge, one of my sisters commented that it might be hard to create something every day, and there might be days when I don’t feel up to the task. How right she was! I’ve had many such days, and yet I push through and make something, or at least post an item I’ve made in the past. Onward!

Today’s creations are more minatures. The notebook– measuring 1.75″ x 2.25″– was a quick way to use up the papers I had cut for yesterday’s journal, which I ended up not incorporating into that one.

The tiny envelope with card were made to see if I wanted to use the small bits of paper as tiny greeting cards, which would mean creating many little envelopes to hold the cards. I decided that one was enough!

I keep planning to finish the Dream Album, yet my days slip by in a blink and I find that other things are quicker to make. I will finish it soon, I promise!