My Year of Wild Art: Day Nineteen

I finally got around to recycling some of my turtleneck shirts! I wanted to try to fix the ragged cuffs and keep wearing the shirts, until I realized they are pretty worn out and better used for something else.

The striped shirt got turned into a shopping bag with knotted fringe to close up the bottom, and the yellow tank top just needed to be closed at the hem.

For the solid blue shirt, I attempted to make a kind of shrug that I watched a video on, cutting off sleeves, opening the side seams and enlarging the neck. The idea is to turn the shirt sideways, draped around back of neck, then stick the arms through the enlarge neck hole. I think the lady in the video is tiny, because when I tried that, I felt strangled around the middle! So I re-sewed one of the side seams and just turned it into a shawl.