My Year of Wild Art: Day Eighteen

Today I decided to postpone my trip to North Carolina for various reasons, the biggest one being I need more time to raise the funds for travel. A bit disappointing, and I’m planning that I’ll be able to reschedule the journey some time in April.

Did two loads of laundry and took a walk; it was warmish though breezy and overcast for most of the day. This evening I decided to do some mending. I don’t like eating with plastic flatware or those splintery, pull-apart chopsticks when I travel, so I had made carrying cases for real flatware and chopsticks.

However, the holder for the latter got all worn out, and the holder for flatware was just too big and things kept falling out. I finally got around to adding some more seams and a center strip of fabric to snug up the fork, knife and spoon, as well as re-hemming one edge of that holder.

I thought about using a cardboard tube to hold the chopsticks, although that is heavier than fabric. Then I had a brilliant idea! I simply added a drawstring with beads on either end to the mesh bag my garlic came in and voila! Perfect chopstick holder!

What brilliant ideas have you come up with lately?