Help me Achieve My Big Art Dream!

Oh, wow! A friend of mine has a big organzing cupboard for her art supplies, and the other day I asked her for the brand and the model. Now I’m really craving one of my own! Behold the Dream Box from Create Room!

Dream Box

I’ve decided to have an art sale so that I can raise the funds for my very own Dream Box! I made butter today and spent 10 minutes today hunting through my cluttered piles for my package of cheesecloth for draining the butter. No luck. Now I have the fun of putting everything back in a more tidy way–and I’m very limited in storage space at present.

I wish for a Dream Box so that I can have all my art supplies neatly organized in one place, and not spend ages walking from room to room or out to the garage to find whatever I need for my art project! Having a Dream Box will also save time and frustration and allow me to focus on being even more productive.

Yes, the Dream Box is a huge investment, and I’ll have to rearrange my art space. However, it closes up into a smaller unit, and I believe it’s well worth the investment. I’ve done a lot of research and read many rave reviews; everyone who has bought one seems to love it and feel it’s worth the investment.

Please help me make my dream come true by purchasing art from Fiber Fancies Boutique! 
Starting today until the end of May, I’m offering 30% off one product in your cart when your purchase total is $197.00 or more. And if you spend $260 or more, I’ll add a small surprise gift to your order! Start shopping now!

I”m also doing a fundraiser here; you’re welcome to donate as much as you can and share with your friends and family. Thank you for your support. EnJoy!

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