My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Forty-Two

Feeling in a funky mood today, so things did not go as planned. However, I got a little cleaning and sorting (ie papers) done, renewed my driver’s license online, completed some paperwork that I needed to handle, and had a long phone conversation for a client for whom I designed and edited two brochures. We got the refining done while on the phone, just one more thing to fix when she sends me next text tomorrow and then these projects are done! No new art, though, just this canvas I created with a photo of a flower arrangement I made. Go here to order this or any other product:

It was warm enough out to melt most of the snow/ice today, except in the most shady places, so it was easier going on my walk. Now to wash my dishes, write in my journal and prepare for sleep. I’m looking forward to my podcast tomorrow! In case you missed the prior post, here is the link to listen live; I encourage you to tune in a few minutes early. It starts at 1 pm PST, 4 pm EST. EnJoy!


Floral Arrangement Canvas

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