My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Thirty-Six

I slept really late today! The maintenance guys blew tons of pine needles and other debris off the roofs of our cottages, then raked up and removed them all. So much cleaner on my patio now! And so extremely loud, those leaf blowers!

We had another Year of Miracles call today with the amazing Lisa Nichols as the guest presenter. Oh my goodness, she is amazing and fabulous! Her message spoke to me on so many levels, and touched on so many of my own challenges. Two points that really stuck out for me: Lisa was addressing someone who had a question about waiting for clarity to take the next step or action. Lisa said, “clarity is waiting for your movement. If you stop moving, then everything stops and gets blocked. Keep moving forward, even if you’re ambiguous, even if you move more slowly than you want…. We have nothing to defend, nothing to prove, nothing to hide.”

The other main point that got to me was her statement, “your conviction (for your dreams) and your convenience don’t even live on the same block!” Her message was, if you have a conviction and it is not a convenient time or place, and the conviction still calls to you, then follow it. Even if your knees shake and your teeth chatter, say yes. Ahhhh. I say yes to my dream of love, even if the geographic distance between me and my love is not convenient! Love shall find a way!

This evening I finished three more heart place cards for my birthday party in February. EnJoy!


Three Heart Place Cards