My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred Thirty-Two

Today I was talking with a friend about how I have too many items in my stash to be recycled: tissue and cereal boxes, tin cans, empty juice cartons and more. So much Stuff! and I’ve not been using it up fast enough. My friend said to get rid of it–and I said that I use so much recycled materials in my art, it’d be too bad to toss it all into a recycle bin.

SO, I’ve given myself another challenge: to use up as many of these items as I can by the time this 365-day challenge ends in 33 days, and then I need to pass on whatever is left. I will always have more cans and boxes to use!

Accepting that challenge, I covered a larger can with this pretty purple fabric, and turned a small frozen pie box into this journal cover. I used a small paper bag to cover the box, then added an image from a Graphic 45 catalog to the front cover. Not sure what I’ll used for the rest of the journal, and it’s a start. I also added doily hearts to 4 more red hearts for my birthday party in February, since it’s close to Valentine’s Day. EnJoy!