My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred-Eighteen

A very full day today! I did two loads of laundry, then got on a call with the leaders of the Priestess Presence Temple to participate in a ritual to receive seeds for this new year. Mine were a heart for love, a diamond for sharpness, clarity and focus, and a sword to cut away limitations and false beliefs. Perfect timing!

I had a short pause, then got on a zoom call with a new friend; we shall see what unfolds for us, be it love or friendship or both. Interestingly, he used to work with the same supplements and company that I do! Now he is the owner of his own literary agency, also intriguing as I’m from a family of authors and illustrators. We both love to read!

I ate a very late lunch around 4 pm, and got on a business call with a new prospect for the Debt Shredder. Phew! That was a lot for one day!

This evening I stripped some needles from a few branches on my Christmas tree and stuffed them into this simple little pouch I sewed up; now I have a lovely way to continue smelling the fir for a long time! Sweet. EnJoy!


Fir Needle Sachet

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