My Year of Wild Art: Day Three Hundred-Ten

Save the date! My Year of Wild Art ends on February 24th, and on February 25th I shall be holding an end-of-year recap party! You are invited to join. I’ll post details as the day gets closer.

I finally got to hear the replay of my interview on Wednesday, not quite as disappointing as I first thought. Go here to listen.

Today I lazed around some, had a nap, and drove to town in the pouring rain to get a couple of ingredients for my dinner tonight and tomorrow. I seem to be in a place of discontent and uncertainty, not sure what direction I want to take my life next, not  wanting to commit to doing things or making things or taking classes or whatever. So I’ve decided Not to hold my own Magical Vision Map playshop, as planned, though I shall do some of the exercises/rituals myself and see what evolves.

I pray that 2023 is a fantastic and wonder-full year for all of us, a time of healing from the past two years of chaos and pain and suffering, and a time to nurture ourselves, each other, and flourish our wildest dreams of creativity! Tread gently on the earth, lift one another up, and spread peace wherever you go. Walk in love and light.