My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Eighty-Seven

Went to my chiropractor today–and found he had already locked up in anticipation of leaving! Turns out he thought I’d canceled; luckily he still fit me in. Phew!

I finally found a jar of mincemeat at a local shop–apparently they couldn’t get it in for a long time–so now I can have mince and cherry pie for Christmas! It’s a different brand than the one I love most, and I hope it will still be delicious.

I made a couple more product designs for my boutique, and got some good help from Big Commerce, which hosts my shop. I learned that I can make all the products in each category appear on the Custom Print Gifts page, plus he gave me a tip on cropping the images so they are all uniform in size. Sigh. Lots more work to do!

Here are a few of the new products; check out the rest here (and for now, click on each category link). EnJoy!