My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Eighty-One

A very full day! I had two business calls, two calls with friends, cooked up some chicken thighs, and moved some things out to the garage. We had rain and some wind today! Quieter now for the night, going down to about 26º F. Brrrrrrrr!

Ever have one of those days when something you’re working on just does not come together and you suddenly realize you’ve spent the last few hours for naught? This evening I attempted to make a snowman ornament, only the felt I used is faulty, because it kept getting a see-through appearance in places as I worked with it. I made the bottom round twice, and it still got too thin. Plus when I re-sewed the beads for eyes (first attempt was too close together), the felt developed holes around the eyes.

I had planned to make a hat and embroider on the mouth and nose, as the marker did not work well, but gave up the whole thing as a lost cause when more holes started appearing around the mouth. Hahahaha! Time for some better quality fabric to work with! I’m Only sharing this photo so you can see that not every day in the creator studio produces a good outcome. Keep on going anyway!