My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Seventy-Nine

It’s getting much colder out now, at least at night! Thank goodness for my down parka and warm hat and gloves!

Today my dear quilter friend came over for lunch and conversation, with lots of show and tell for each other. She showed me 3 (of 9) gorgeous plaid stockings she made for the Friendship Club, serving under-privilged children, and introduced me to the amazing fiber artist, Guo Pei, whose huge show was up at the de Young gallery in San Francisco from April until November 27th. My friend went to see the show last weekend; I wish I had known about it! Guo Pei creates astonishing garments–many of which would probably never actually be worn–that she hand embroiders with gold and silver and other threads. I just have to share the link to the website with you!
I do a bit of embroidery myself, and I’m flabbergasted at the hours involved in making her creations. It’s not speedy!

This evening I made another tiny notebook, using some of the 6″ square papers I received in the stocking swap I did earlier this month. EnJoy!