My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Sixty-Eight

What a day! I had to go to my dentist’s office first thing to get Another impression made of lower teeth, so the lab can make a partial denture to fit; apparently the first two impressions were not sufficient! Ack!

Got a few groceries and came home to have lunch, then met with my coach and my business prospect for the Financial GPS. Not a tool that she needs, however, we showed her some videos in case she can make referrals. While on that zoom call, another friend stopped by with some gifts of fancy ribbon and gorgeous wrapping paper with Vintage ephemera images on it! I can hardly wait to make something with it!

Then I had another business call relating to Rising Worldwide (I’m a rep for them), and that person fell in love with my art and wants to purchase some for family Christmas gifts! Yay! Oh, and I received a gift in the mail from yet another friend, a rosette iron and handle for making rosette donuts! I’ll have to try those out in the near future.

I’m pretty tuckered out this evening (was up way too late last night),and cannot must the energy to create something new, so I’ll share something older again. This is a cute bag I made from a valance curtain that someone gave me. The drawstring is a cord that I had hanging about for ages. EnJoy!


Sunflower Bag