My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Sixty-Five

Just 100 more days of my 365-day art challenge, hurray! I think I’ll complete this around the 23rd of February, 2023. Yay me!

This evening I went to another Co-Creation Salon, where the topic was about branding for one’s business, which includes the why, the vision, the mission, the audience, and the message for the business. I came away with some great tips, including story telling in my blog posts.

I was horrified to discover, some time ago, that a baby sea turtle had gotten stuck inside a plastic ring that was floating about, and the turtle grew around the ring with a compressed and distorted middle. So now I am careful not to throw away plastic pull tabs from almond milk containers, or the ring that seals the cap on many types of food bottles. What to do with them all? I decided to experiment with winding wool around a ring, using a buttonhole stitch, and created this fun little bracelet with six joined pull-tab rings, topped with 2 buttons for decoration. I’ve also been thinking about making a chain of different colored wool-wrapped rings to string on my Christmas tree. Here is a video how-to if you’d like to try this yourself. EnJoy!

Pull Tab Bracelet