My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred Fifty-Two

We had a bit more rain today, interspersed with glimpses of the sun. Nice and chilly, too! I got out my winter coats to have on hand, and took a short, brisk walk before supper. I also brought my ottoman in from the garage so I can put my feet up more comfortably when sitting in my arm chair to read. I really don’t have room to store it indoors! and for now it will stay. It’s quite comfy!

I began working on another journal cover, but ran out of time and daylight before I could finalize choosing the laces that I’ll apply over the pale pink fabric from a blouse that I glued down first. So this evening I’ll share a cute pincushion I made, perfect for Halloween or any time! EnJoy!

Candy Corn Pincushion