My Year of Wild Art: Day Two Hundred-Forty

Today I went to get some groceries, specifically wanting something new and appealing for dinner. I was delighted to discover some pacakges of venison! At Grocery Outlet. Amazing! I bought both medallions and ground, and cooked up the little steaks for dinner with green onions and mushrooms, served with Olive bread and half a butternut squash. Divine! Tomorrow I shall make an amazing venison pasta sauce with pancetta, tomatoes and mushrooms, and serve that with more bread and greens. Mmmmm

I have been enjoying watching all the birds come drink from the water dishes I put out for them, mostly robins, a few blue jays, nuthatches, and one gorgeous Northern flicker! I have to replenish the water about 3 times per day, there are so many birds! Occasionally the squirrels and lizards drink, too.

Not up for making something new today, so I will share this fun little potholder I made from the legs of old socks. EnJoy!


Purple and Pink Potholder