My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred Fifty-Three

Finally got my car repaired for what I hope is the last time! The power steering pump, which was replaced twice already, has been replaced with a different (and hopefully better) brand, so I’m praying it lasts a good number of years! Now all I need are new brake lights on one side and I’m good to go.

Today was overcast–and there was a little bit of rain in Grass Valley, though not in Nevada City where I live–so my house didn’t get as hot inside. At least not until I turned on the oven to roast some chicken thighs! Hopefully it’ll cool down again quickly.

Another fallow day for creativity, so here is a sweet little bird house I made from a cracker box covered with pretty paper. The roof opens so one could put a gift or some cookies or something inside. I don’t think I’ve ever shared this before. EnJoy!