My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred Forty-Four

I finally finished this little project I started a couple of days ago! When I received the paper napkins from a friend, I began experimenting and created a few different items.

This one is a soft pouch made from the piece of thin foam that was wrapped around a bottle of herbal tincture that came in the mail. For the bee on the front, I used thinned down PVA glue to adhere the section of napkin, with more glue on top. I adhered segments from a different napkin to the flap closure with ModPodge. I discovered that I could modify the colors by dipping some markers into water and applying that to the napkins (after the glue dried); I spread the color around with a Q-tip. I enhanced the bee wings on the front by outlining with a grey marker, and added some light purple and blue-green to the flowers and leaves on the outer side of the flap. Quite an interesting process!

I glued the edges of the pouch together, held in place with clothespins for clamps. That left marks in the foam, so I decided to stitch over the edges with yellow ribbon. I also patched a tear in the front of the pouch by gluing a piece of a tea bag over the tear on the inside. A butterfly sticker, more ribbons and pearls complete the embellishments. Now to dream up something to put inside. EnJoy!