My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred Thirty-Two

Happy Independence Day! What are you declaring personal freedom from? I declare freedom from fear, freedom from stress, freedom from relationships with people who seek to harm or tear down others. I declare peace, love, joy and light as my guiding qualities!

Happy Anniversary to Fiber Fancies!! Six years ago on this day, I made my first paper purse, which was the start of my Fiber Fancies business. I got my first order for purses in late July of 2016, and shipped out 15 of them in September! That was an exciting kick off! I wonder where this new year will take my business? Please remember to shop in my online boutique here:

I’ve decided to share photos of my first paper purse along with some others I made, as well. (These are all sold.) You’re also welcome to watch the slideshow on my home page, which features many different products I’ve made over the years. EnJoy!