My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred-Seventeen

Woo-hoo! All of the focus on my wellness business this past week has paid off! With the help of my coach, I showed a friend how she could save about 69K in interest and pay off her debts in 4.5 years, rather than 26 years, using this awesome tool called Debt Shredder. Ask me if you want to see what it could do for you!

I also signed this friend up as a new partner in my business, and am SO excited!! We’re on the way Up!

So I did not get anything new created today, though I did bake another big batch of my awesome cookies, and ironed some new pants and two new shawls that I picked up at the clothing swap yesterday. Here is a sweet stuffed Valentine envelope that I made a couple of years ago. Who would you love to give this to?

Stuffed Valentine Envelope front