My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred-Ten

What a day! It was hot again yesterday and my home reached 85º inside, ugh. I did run the ac and got it cooled down a bit, though my room was too hot for sleeping, so I had the ceiling fan going. I woke up about 7:50 am, just as the power went out, for no apparent reason. Yikes! Luckily the air had cooled off and we got some rain, so it was bearable without fans going. Power came back about 1:40 pm.

Last evening I spray-painted a wire mesh hanging wall pocket with five pockets, and today I got it hung on a sliver of wall in the tiny hallway where the laundry closet is. Spent this evening sorting all the envelopes in which I stash scraps from each of the paper collections I use and stored the envelopes in the wall pockets. So many! Now the shelves where I keep my stash of papers are no longer bulky and papers can lie flat again. It’s nice to have a little more organization. So once again I have not created something new, and I am satisfied with spending time getting things in better order.  One area at a time!

Here are two of my Peace Angels for your enJoyment.

Two Peace Angels