My Year of Wild Art: Day One Hundred-Eight

So this was me this evening: I picked out a gutted book that I thought to cover with pretty papers and fill with new pages, then selected my pad of “Portrait of a Lady” papers to do the job. However, the main image I wanted to use does not fit the book cover nicely. Hmmm. Shall I cut it down, or use a larger book? Sat and stared into space for a while. Picked up a much larger book that someone discarded, a piano teaching book from the International Library of Music, pub. 1959, containing 207 pages of lessons. Stared at that for a while as I flipped through. Put it back where it was stored. Stared into space some more. Went to collect my mail and stopped to chat with a neighbor for a while. Made dinner, took a walk in the dusk, then decided I had to make something small for my post today. I cut up a butter box to make a couple of little mini notebooks and folded and cut some lined paper for pages. Realized it was 10:15 and I just don’t have the inspiration to start something new, however small. How was YOUR day?

Here is another creation from a couple of years ago, a pretty paper tote with a feather boa for decoration.  Better luck tomorrow!

Lisette Tote Pink Roses and Butterflies