My Year of Wild Art: Day Ninety-Eight

It’s May 31st, and I’m sad to report that not one person participated in my art giveaway, so there is no drawing for the prize. Boo-hoo! Guess I won’t be running any more giveaway specials for now.

This evening I decided to use up the scraps from yesterday’s project, so I made this mini folio with a flattened carboard tube as the cover. EnJoy!


4 thoughts on “My Year of Wild Art: Day Ninety-Eight

  1. i didnt iknow there was a contest? i would have joined in ! i see you on grand central crafting…was it [osted there? thanks…love your art b t w ! sheila in delaware usa

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    • Thanks, Sheila. I have mentioned the challenge many times during the month in my blog posts, and yes, I did share that information in a post in GCC…guess nobody saw it! Thanks for your support


  2. Dear,
    I have checked your folio yesterday but was at work. So didn’t enter for giveaways, which basically I often don’t do (I should).
    I follow and check your projects thoroughly and get inspired.
    Do, please don’t be sad. We are all here with your wild art journey
    Much appreciated

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